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Tohru Honda

Yui Horie
Born- September 20, 1976
Her Fanlisting

She does voice overs for many other anime characters and she sings as well. She has her own song versions of "For Fruits Basket" and "Chiisana Inori" as well with her own albums. She also sings an opening song for Sister Princess and Love Hina Again as well as the ending theme.She has a resemblance to Tohru doesn't she?

Other Roles include:
Mirabelle- King of Bandits
Galatea- Bubble Gum Crisis Toko 2040
Hiromi Fujimori- Angelic Layer
Naru Narusegawa- Love Hina
Fujima Aya- Weiss Kreuz
Chrono- Ah Megami-sama! The Movie
Sakuya- Sister Princess
Iron Maiden Jeanne- Shaman King
Shiina Yuya- Samurai Deeper Kyo
Mikage- Pretear

Laura Bailey
Born- May 28, 1981

Being apart of FUNimation, Laura does many of the action shows as well such as DB and Full Metal Alchemist. She used to be part of the show Walker, Texas Ranger. It seems that she's coming to play many of the leading female roles of FUNimation. Her new roles such as the voice of Sana for the anime Kodocha or also known as Child's Toy, is just one of the lead roles she is now starting to play. Laura also sings the dubbed ending for Fruits Basket, Chiisana Inorii, also known as A Small Little Prayer.

Other Roles include:
Keiko - Yu Yu Hakusho
Marlene Angel - Blue Gender
Serena Sebastian - Case Closed
Chi-Chi - Dragon Ball
Ryoko Takamachi - Spiral
Lust - Full Metal Alchemist

Yuki Sohma

Aya Hisakawa
Born- November 12th, 1968
Her Fanlisting

She does many voice overs for many characters in the anime world, very many actually. Many of her roles include voices for boys such as Yuki.

Other Roles include:
Arimi- Marmalade Boy
Miki- Revolutionary Girl Utena
Taata- Magic Knight Rayearth
Foxy Fox- Kiddy Grade
Sara- Kaleido Star
Sailor Mercury- Sailormoon
Minamo Kurosawa- Azumanga Daioh
Kero- Card Captor Sakura
Lem- Trigun
Hinoto- X/1999

Eric Vale
Eric Vale was once Eric Johnson, but changed it when he found that the actors union already had an actor by that name. As well as doing some of the voices, Eric also writes for some of the animes including Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT, and Case Closed.

Other Roles include:
Sakyo - Yu Yu Hakusho
Zolf J. Kimblee - Full Metal Alchemist
Trunks - Dragonball GT
Yuji Kaido - Blue Gender
Sinistra - Kiddy Grade

Kyo Sohma

Tomokazu Seki
His Fanlisting Born- September 8th, 1972

A very popular voice actor in Japan. He does roles for several popular animes. He came to Expo and told the fans that he really was kind of against playing the role of Kyou at first, for he was born in the year of the rat. But later on, he started getting jealous when he saw Yuki "put the moves" on Tohru. Ha ha, guess he really started getting into his role. Seki also is a singer and has several albums out. Can you imagine Kyo singing? ha ha.

Other Roles include:
Touya- Card Captors Sakura Yzak- Gundam Seed
Shuichi Shindou- Gravitation
Menomaru- Inuyasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time
Van- Escaflowne
Ken- Weiss Kreuz
Sousuke Sagara- Full Metal Panic, Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu, Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
Shindo Hideki- Chobits

Shigure Sohma

Ryoutarou Okiayu
Born- November 17, 1969

Okiayu-san has done quite a few roles, many of which most might know. He plays serious and funny roles, as you can see with Shigure.

Other Roles Include
Scar- FUll Metal Alchemist
K- Gravitation
Dark- D.N.Angel
Rokusho Aoi- Naruto
Kimura Takurou- Di Gi Charat
Kuchiki Byakuya- Bleach
Yuu Matsuura- Marmalade Boy
Honda Hiroto- Yu Gi Ou
Inouva- Magic Knight Rayearth

Arisa Uotani

Yuka Imai
Born- September 19th, 1970

I must say that Yuka Imai does quite a good job with her roles, she's done a few roles for male characters as well. She also does the voice of Akito Sohma as a kid.

Other Roles Include
Wakaba- Revolutionary Girl Utena
Shiori- Konjiki no Gash Bell(Zatch Bell)
Otaru Mamiya- Saber Marionette J
Mimi- Shamanic Princess
Scarlet- Wedding Peach
Maria Wong- Yami No Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness)
Syoko Sayama- Boys Be

Saki Hanajima

Yasuhara Reiko
Born - October 18, 1969
Official Website

A voice actress along with a singer. She also does the voice of Kyko Honda from the series. Other Roles Include
Abelia - Now and Then, Here and There Juubei-chan- Tsumura Mikage

Kagure Sohma

Mitsuishi Kotono
Born- December 8th, 1967

Yasuhara Reiko has done so many voice overs, she does one of the most well known characters in anime, Sailormoon. She's done countless other roles as well.

Other Roles Include
Yatouji Satsuki- X Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon, Neo Queen Serenity, Chibi Chibi- Sailormoon
Potamos - Wedding Peach
Noi- Weiss Kreuz
Asami Shouko - Angelic Layer
Shoko- Angelic Layer
Arisugawa Juri - Revolutionary Girl Utena

Momiji Sohma

Saito Ayaka

Other Roles include
Mitsukuni Haninozuka - Ouran Highschool
Mayo-chan- Inuyasha(ep.12)
Kisaragi Moe- Brigadoon
Mei Ring Huang- Inuyasha (ep.1)