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Fruits Basket OSTs

Fruits Basket: Memory of You OST
  1. For Fruits Basket ~On Air Version~
  2. Memory-For-You
  3. Secret
  4. Solitude
  5. Both Styles
  6. I'm 'Drummer'
  7. Memory-In Daily Life-
  8. On The Stage
  9. I'm 'Chin-Don-Ya'
  10. Going My Own Way
  11. I'm 'Fairy'
  12. Psycho-Doctor
  13. Mysterious Family
  14. Memory-At Home-
  15. Theme For The Landlady
  16. Theme For The Landlady (So Hard)
  17. I'm 'Hardworking Fellow'
  18. Black-And-White (Normal)
  19. Black-And-White (Hard)
  20. Teru-Teru-Momiji
  21. Mogeta's Song ~Instrumental Version~
  22. Memory-On Vacation-
  23. A Hot Blooded Man
  24. So Gorgeous!
  25. Forward-Looking Attitude
  26. Reason OF Quibble
  27. 'Fruits Basket' In Waltz
  28. Chiisana Inori (A Small Prayer) ~On Air Version~

Fruits Basket: Four Seasons OST
  1. Overture - Emai Music Orchestra
  2. Chiisana Inori (A Small Prayer) - Ritsuko Okazaki
  3. Tada Nakitaku Naru no (It Makes Me Want To Cry With Reason) ~Orchestra Version~ - Emai Music Orchestra
  4. Serenade - Ritsuko Okazaki
  5. For Fruit Basket ~Orchestra Version~ - Emai Music Orchestra
  6. Aisubeki Ashita (Lovable Tomorrow) ~Fruit Basket Version~ - Ritsuko Okazaki
  7. Komorebi (Sunlight Sifting Down Through The Trees) ~Interlude~ - Emai Music Orchestra
  8. Sorairo (Sky-Blue) - Ritsuko Okazaki
  9. Chiisana Inori (A Small Prayer) ~Orchestra Version~ - Emai Music Orchestra
  10. For Fruits Basket - Ritsuko Okazaki
  11. Epilogue - Emai Music Orchestra
Tada Nakitaku Naru no (Orchestra