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~ Ritsuko Okazaki ~

In memory of Ritsuko Okazaki, Living For You has dedicated a page in her remembrance.

In the year of 2004, Ritsuko Okazaki passed away on May 5th due to blood poisoning (sepsis shock). She was only 44 when she passed on.

She was most well known as the singer, writer, and composer of the opening theme song "For Fruits Basket." She also wrote and sang other songs from the show such as the ending theme "Chiisana Inori", "Serenade", "Sorairo", and a a few others. She also wrote and composed songs for other animes such as Love Hina and for voice actresses Yui Horie(japanese voice for Tohru Honda), and Hayashibara Megumi (singer of opening and closings of Shaman King).

Her beautiful songs will for sure stay in many people's hearts and will continue to be enjoyed. Ritsuko Okazaki, we'll miss you.