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Dealing with Life

Yesterday I was working on a new layout for this site, it was working out pretty well too. But guess what? I air-headedly forgot to save as I was working and the whole thing froze, and so it was all gone. Since a I spent a good amount of time on it, I was reluctant to startover, so I guess I'll still stick to premades for now. I don't mind so much. I got this layout from the late graphic site 7th Sense. ^_^

Well, this week I must admit was not the best. I hadn't been feeling very well, emotionally or physically, but I ended up thinking a lot of things through. But as I looked through screencaps of Hana Kimi and Nobuta wo Produce, I couldnt't help but smile, it cheered me up so much. I was literally laughing as I looked at each picture.

Well, I'm procrastinating the life out of me, I have a test to study for, quite a bit of homework, and I still have to update Peach Tea later today. Strange how I never learn, but I guess I'll start now. Thanks for reading!

<3 Vanessa
February 24 |


Yes people, believe it or not, I am still kickin. Sadly, I've had no time to work on neither this blog nor Living For You due to senior year. And the fact that I'm one of the laziest people on this earth is also another reason to blame for my absence.
Well, to sum things up, I finished my college apps and did quite well on my finals. I feel much more relieved now that all that is past. Oh, and Happy New Year everyone! I wonder what is to come in the year of 2008, we shall see, but whatever it is, I hope it brings all of you happiness. It makes me sad to think that the year of the pig is almost over, one more month till Chinese New Year. I hear the year of the rat is next but I'm not quite positive. I'm craving hot cheeto fries right now but none are currently present in this household. *sigh* Well, thanks for reading!

<3 Vanessa
January 05 |