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The Name

My friend and I wanted to start a Fruits Basket site and really had no idea what to call it. I thought about My Memory, because it was the name of a song from a korean soap opera, Winter Sonata and I really liked it. I thought it would relate to everyone in Fruits Basket who had their own memory. But Violet pointed out that it was too depressing because it turns out all of them seem to have a painful memory. So we kept thinking. Finally she said, "How bout something about living for someone! Like what Tohru said bout living for her loved ones. SO we came up with Living For You. Neat huh? Not really? ..... Well, least the site is nice right?

The Domain

Well, first off, we started off at good ol' But tripod wasn't being very kind, so we tried moving to freewebs. It was pretty good while I was building. I learned to make an actual, actual layout, not using a pagebuilder like tripod. Then finally I reached the maximum page limit. So apparently freewebs was not the best place for a fansite. I couldn’t get a domain name or buy a host, I really don’t believe my mom wold be all too crazy about the idea. So I gave up for awhile.

After awhile, I discovered the whole new world of hosting from other websites. It started when I saw a site that said “We are now no longer hosting. If you need a host, take a look at” I saw quite a few options and after awhile, I saw a great blog site. I really liked the site by itself and after a couple weeks, I applied. We were accepted and what a happy day that was. So here we are hosted at the great with our oh so wonderful host Vicky.

Past Layouts

Version One - Preview
This was the very first layout for this site. I debated with myself and Violet about what the first layout would look like. This layout ha different versions that I didn't reawlly like. Violet wantted pink so there was a chance that it could've been pink. But both of us didn't really like the result of the color on this layout. So it stayed orange. This picture was from the 7th volume of Fruits Basket, the part where Kyoko tells Tohru that she's glad that she was born to be with her. I was so proud of this layout, first one ever.

Version Two - Preview
This layout used a picture from SubaFuruba and used a few brushes from other places. When I saw the pic, I thought it was so cute so I thought I'd make something out of it. I liked the result, it was rather simple though and I ended up getting tired of it fast so it really wasn't up for that long.

Version Three - Preview
After the longest time of layout block, I finally came with the idea of making a layout with Tohru, Yuki, and Kyou as kids. I made one that was brown, but Violet didn't really like it. I thought it was nice and simple, but oh well. So I finally saw the episode of Hiro and so I saw the crepes! Then there was the idea. So I added little effects of sprarkles and swirls and their pictures and this was the result. Very blue though.

Version Four - Preview
This was after having read the 11th volume of Fruits Basket and I saw the picture of Kisa on the first few pages. I thought it was so pretty so it was my goal to turn it into a layout. I added some brush effects here and there but then decided it was too plain. I later added pictures of her and Hiro. Then I went around experimented and clicked burn on the blending. I was surprised but I really liked the result. So basically, the result of this layout was an Accident. ^_^' But I finally learned the wonders of blending on Paintshop Pro. This was one of my favorites, it was up for awhile and I didn't get tired of it. But either way, it had to come down.

Version Five - Preview
This was the result of lots of experimentations with blends. This is for the autumn season. I go the picture from Fruits Basket Forever and I used a texture from Kiti Kat Inc.. I also used pictures from Getty Images. I like the fact that both Yuki and Kyou are both smiling. It's a rare thing. And Touru is rather a bit surprised. I wonder what's happening in this picture. Well, it's nice to see the boys smile so big. ^_^ Well, this layout was another favorite but I just couldn't seem to get rid of this gap on the layout, this is probably for the fact that I used imageslicer for the first time on PhotoShop.

Version Six - Preview
This layout was originally going to be a Christmas Layout, but then Violet said that might be offending, so instead it was turned into a snowy layout. Sadly, though Violet is not the fondest of blue for the fact of a very old layout from previously hosted Tripod. But, well, either way. I'm not too fond of this layout, I don't know why. Maybe it's the fact that I spent three days on it. ^_^' Well, I liked it at first, but I think I looked at it too much.