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Furuba Dictionary

Here are a couple of vocabulary terms for you that relate to the series. The series uses a couple of words that some fans might not recognize.

Onigiri- It's what they call a riceball in Japanese. Tohru, as a child, was called an onigiri during a game of Fruits Basket while all the other kids were fruits. Riceballs are mentioned quite a bit throughout the series, you see the riceball alien on some of the kaching wipes.

Umeboshi- A pickled plum in Japanese. It's sometimes used as a special ingredient for riceballs, this is what Tohru used as a metaphor for "special" qualities a person has.

Mabudachi Trio- In the dubbed english version, this was dubbed as the Three Musketeers. But really, I believe it means three best friends. It's what Shigure and Ayame call themselves with Hatori in the picture.

Nekozuki- A nickname for Kyo that his classmates gave him after the incident of being covered in cats. It was dubbed into english as "cat lover" which I think is a pretty good explanation of the word. It sounds like Neko (cat) and Suki (like or love).

Kyonkichi- Another nickname that Ayame gives Kyo. I'm not sure if it really means anything though, in enlglish, it was dubbed to "lucky Kyo", not so sure if there's much of a connection though. ^_^'

Yankee- In Japan, a Yankee is a gang member. So this would refer to Uo and Tohrus mom. They were once both part of a gang but left. They would wear long skirts, masks, and pluck their eyebrows.

Baka- Not so sure if this word needs to be explained or not but either way. Baka mean fool or idiot. This is a very popular word throughout the series of Fruits Basket. Mainly you'll hear "Baka Neko" which is stupid cat and "Baka Nezumi" which means stupid rat.

Onsen- A place kind of like a spa. Momiji takes Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo to one for White Day.

White Day- In Japan, Valentines Day is the day all the girls give the guys gifts. But on White Day, that's the day all the guys give the girls gifts. Unlike here where we all give gifts on the same day.

Furuba- Just an abbreviation for Fruits Basket.