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Tohru Honda
Age: 16
Sign: Taurus
Zodiac Year: Dog
Represented by: A Rice Ball Occupation: Part time job at Momiji's father's building, and a student at Kaibara High

Tohru is the type of person who always puts others before herself, having lost her mom, she always thinks of what her mother would say in times of need for advice. She uses a very polite language and always tries her best. She can be air headed at times, but she tries. She's a very good cook and house keeper.

Yuki Sohma
Age: 16
Sign: Virgo
Zodiac Animal: Rat
Occupation: Student at Kaibara High

Yuki is a rather soft-spoken person, he's a very skilled martial artist and is known as the Prince at his school. The girls at school even started a fanclub for him called the Prince Yuki fanclub which half the school's girl population is joined. He's very athletic and does very well in his subjects. Not a lot of people know him for who he really is though. He's really a regular person with nothing to spare, as he says. He's very sweet and kind, but he has trouble getting close to people. As the series progresses, he starts to overcome his weaknesses one step at a time.

Kyo Sohma
Age: 16
Sign: Capricorn
Zodiac Animal: Cat
Occupation: Student at Kaibara High

Kyo's goal is to beat Yuki, at basically anything. He challenges him to just about everything. Inhavited by the spirit of the cat, he's shunned from the rest of the family. Because of his fortune, he blames everything on Yuki. He believes everything is the rat's fault for having tricked the cat. He's a black belt in martial arts but can't seem to beat Yuki no matter how many times he tries.
Kyou has a vert short temper in the beginning. At first he seems like a punk who could care less about the world. But as the series continues, you see another side of him that's quite kind and sad. Next to Yuki, Kyo has one of the largest character growths.

Shigure Sohma
Age: 27
Sign: Scorpio
Zodiac Animal: Dog
Occupation: Novelist

Shigure is a happy-go-lucky kind of person who is funny and loveable. He's a bit of a... well, how shall I say this, a pervert. He likes to see highschool girls and in short skirts, he even wrote a naughty love story just for fun. But Shigure is rather wise in his own way. His model is "Que Sera Sera" which means whatever will be will be. He likes to tease people, especially his editor.

Kagura Sohma
Age: 18
Sign: Cancer
Zodiac Animal: Boar Occupation: Freshman in College

Kagura has a deep devotion of love for Kyo, but she shows it a little differently from most girls. She let's Kyo feel her love through her beatings, Kagura herself is also trained in martial arts and is rather strong. She really is rather sweet. She's always wanted to marry Kyo ever since she was little. She's not the best when it comes to house chores but she tries.

Hatori Sohma
Age: 27
Sign: Cancer
Zodiac Animal: Dragon
Occupation: Doctor

Hatori is the person who erases the memory of whoever's is ordered to be erased. If Akito wishes it, then it's done. Hatori must erase them so that the family secret is not revealed. He as well suffered the same fate one day having to erase a loved one of his own. Akito says he's as cold as the frozen snow, which Hatori himself believes as well, but snow always melts into beautiful spring. No matter what. Hatori really is a kind person with many great qualities. Hatori gives advice and is tactful when need be.

Momiji Sohma
Age: 15
Sign: Pisces
Zodiac Animal: Rabbit
Occupation: Freshman at Kaibara High

Momiji is a lot older then he looks. He's still very innocent though, very playful and cheery. He likes Tohru very much and loves to spend time with her. Momiji is also very wise, even though he seems like all fun and games. He as well has a painful past like the other members of the zodiac, but he accepts it and still cherishes everything, because one day, he says he'll be strong enough to overcome his sadness.