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Here are our great affiliates owned by very talented and kind webmasters. Their sites very well worth visitng.

Densetsuno Yume- Also known as Densetsuno Yume. A Fruits Basket fansite run by Sue, with lots of information and a few spoilers as well as some media. media and indepth character profiles. A good deal of info and graphics for you with beautiful layouts.

Fortuitous- A Fruits Basket site dedicated to the pairing Kyo and Tohru. Lots of info and things for you. A gallery, quotes, info, well worth checking out.

Onigiri- A small Fruits Basket shrine that has media and info for you. A nice small and cozy site for Furuba love.


Affilliation at the moment is open but limited. We have 2 spots open. Before we can be affiliates, you have to follow a few rules first. Nothing too high standard though.

  1. Please no hentai or anything like that please
  2. We'll accept anything Fruits Basket or anime related fansites. But please no nothing but graphic related sites please.
  3. Hits don't really matter to us, we're just a starting site, so we'll grow and improve together. ^_^
  4. The layout doesn't have to completely awe us, I'm still improving as a webdesigner myself. Just let the layout be readable and easy to navigate though is all, that's not so hard right?

If you still think you'd like to affiliate with us,e-mail me at:

Please include the following:
Site Name:
Type of Site
Little bit bout yourself if you want: