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Welcome to Living For You, a small but growing Fruits Basket fansite. Feel free to look around and maybe drop a comment or two.

We're Back!

Yes, the title says all. After a long time of waiting, Living For You is officially off Hiatus! Thanks so much to everyone for waiting so patiently. Being busy and all, I didn't have to really work on this site. I probably might not have as much time in the future as well, due to me going into my senior year in highschool, so I might update from time to time.

Well, I cleaned up the gallerys and found a new sponsor. Please give a warm welcome back Megori of Well, I added a soundtrack page for listening as well as a seiyuu page. I cleaned up a bunch of things around here and took off or revised a lot of old material, hopefully it all looks worthwhile. I checked all the links and things but I might have missed a few details, so if anything looks awkward please let me know.

So how do you like the new layout? It took me forever to code, and I constantly kept changing it. But now I'm content with the result. Well, thanks for reading!

<3 Vanessa
July 27 |